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Decisive Link Building Strategies for Driving Quality Traffic to your website in 2014

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014
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Driving quality traffic to a website is the main objective of an SEO practitioner. The best and the evergreen method to drive traffic is through building quality links. When it comes to Quality link building, you need to keep Panda and penguin updates that made huge changes in On-site and off-site SEO. Before discussing more about building quality links, let’s look at these factors that guide you to build quality links on your website.

Understanding the quality criteria

It is important that you understand the quality criteria of Google. However, it is a tough task to predict the changes in the Google algorithm and it is little too fuzzy. A strict “NO” to take content from well renowned sites. You need to grasp the information, and build content according to the taste of targeted audience. It is also important that you include fresh data, user views, and opinions. Low Quality Guest posting is the other important factor that you need to pay more attention.


Following with affiliate program is acceptable to earn rankings. However, you should not replicate the same product description from the source. Make sure that you write quality and unique product reviews that helps you in gaining the best position in SERP rankings.

Diversified link-building





Before building links, you need to look at the ever-changing Google algorithm. However, you need to know the tactics that are still relevant in 2014. You can create, publish, and promote best quality content that links back to your site. You need to be more active on social media,and become a featured guest blogger on popular blogs.

Make sure that you don’t follow the tactics followed by your competitor. However, in order to build identity, you need to unique, experiment with your own trails. Aiming at your competitor’s keyword phrases will make your life difficult.

Natural Anchor texts

Make your anchor texts look pretty natural while you build links. Using keywords as anchor texts for all your inbound links will put you under Google’s observation and chances are high that you may get penalized. On the other hand, don’t forget that your reader is more smarter that you expect. Don’t worry about the anchor text, as long as your link is relevant to the article’s context, your job is done well.