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Mastering Mobile SEO in the year 2014

Friday, February 14th, 2014
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Mobile Search Engine Optimization employs a technique which is marked different from the desktop version. With the rise of smart phones good mobile content is being available worldwide. To develop proper mobile SEO, it is important to separate the good content from the bad. The various pointers to note while developing good mobile SEO content are as follows.

Mobile SEO

1)      The pages on which mobile content has to be optimized have to be accurate. The more dependable the page, the better the mobile SEO. Videos and images should be clicked properly before loading and the same to be placed at the right page instead of the home page every time.  It is important that Error 404 or unavailable content should be avoided. Make sure that  interstitial or ads should be avoided.

2)      Options for mobile SEO-

a)      Responsive-The design for mobile SEO should be responsive. Responsive means that there is only one URL for the users to interact with be it the mobile or the desktop version. This approach reduces the number of errors.

b)      Dynamic serving-The code for the desktop as well as the mobile device has to be different. The URL is kept same. The site needs to be minimalist and should be intuitive.

c)       It is recommended to have separate code and URLs for unique mobile features.

3)      The audience has to be known- the search queries differ when we search on desktop or mobile. Hence Google’s Hummingbird algorithm. The mobile screen is small and screen size optimization discourages large volumes of text.

4)      Voice searches-We should include indicators of geographical content and voice searches questions should be addressed while building an optimized site for mobile.

5)      Time-We have to provide quick answers to queries and the website functionality has to be quick with load times of less than a second.


To conclude New capabilities of mobile should be used by offering instant store locators and scannable coupons for brand new promotions. Mobile SEO is a relative new field and requires much effort when it comes to setting new vistas of improvement. The scope is immense and the targets lofty. Together we can make it happen.