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How does the Google Hummingbird algorithm update impact links?

Thursday, November 28th, 2013
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All about Google search algorithm

We all must be familiar with the term search algorithm. But what is it exactly?

Humming Bird algorithem

Humming Bird


The search algorithm is the term coined to refer to an algorithm that assists in finding an item with the specified properties from a group of other items. Now, the new Google search algorithm is named as “Hummingbird” which Google claims come out with better search results and the name says it all “precise and fast”.

Does Hummingbird have major impacts on links? Is there any possibility to lose traffic to your site?

Quality content with sturdy back links. Does it play the trick?

You might have a pretty great site with striking content or even the best answers to what the user requires but what if Google answers the question directly? Perhaps the user will not even get to reach your site as what is displayed is the answer provided by Google.

Now does that mean an absolute revision on the content of your site?

Before you rush to edit all the content in the Question Answer format, Halt!  Sort out the pages in your website that gives answers to certain questions and then check out for any editing that demands for the redraft, after which you can send apparent semantic Q/A signals within HTML.

At the same time, avoid revision of the lot into the Q/A format in the urge to seek links for your website content. Only those contents that requires absolute change has to be reworked and edited accordingly.

Authorship and Quality combination pleases Hummingbird

Hummingbird algorithm focuses primarily on those websites with relevant and natural links. Make sure that the quality is up to the mark in order to provide the best information to the users. Maintaining the authorship plays a key part with hummingbird.

Efficient utilization of Google Properties

Firstly, attain an idea of those places where you can publish your links. Numerous Google Properties are available for content distribution. In order to obtain better SERP results, you need to make use of these properties effectively.

Do you doubt that Hummingbird and your website relation are in jeopardy?

For those who are worried about losing the traffic to their website, if you haven’t so far, then you are on a safe side. While for those who experience the opposite, Google explains that it can be due to other parts of the algorithm and not really the Hummingbird effect.