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Website Content Writing – All you Need to Know

April 17th, 2018
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Whether you are a small or medium sized biz or some micro entrepreneur getting ready to fly in the big wide web world, the first impression you make to your customer besides your visiting card is your website presence. So when it comes to web presence management as a new entrepreneur we are not aware of the internet world advertising and marketing and hence we need to find a web presence management company prima facie so that the company can handle your web presence in the way it needs to be.
Now, most of the small and medium sized businesses come to web presence management agencies and want their work to be done yesterday and not tomorrow. Their main focus is going live in the market and get business. But, little do the businesses understand that the creating copy or content for the website is like laying your marketing foundation and one of the brand identity cornerstone. Many of us are not aware what brand identity or synchronisation of advertising and marketing collateral’s even means. Here’s a run through a few tips to help you understand how content creation for a website is one of the most important processes of a business and need a keen eye from the businesses end.

website content writing

The Right Brief – First know your business from root to fruit. Then create a brief based on your understanding and include all that you think will help your product sell in the market place. Note the USP of the product, the target audience and the objective, to name a few in crystal clear way. If you are crystal clear in your mind about your mind about your product, service or business, half the battle is won. The right brief can get you the content that drives your sales.

Suitable Agency – Now that your brief is ready, you need a executor or implementer of your ideas on the digital medium. This is when you hunt for a suitable web presence management company or agency that knows its job well and can get your brand heard above the clutter. You need to shortlist a few based on your requirement and then zero in on one that suits your requirement checklist best.

Adequate Time – Every business owner wants to set its cash registers ringing in and hence there’s always a hurry in going live. But, you need to understand that it’s a business and it’s a footprint or mark that you are going to make in your prospects mind about your service, product or brand and you need to be bang on. First impressions are last impressions, holds true however cliche it may sound.

Full Proof Digital Marketing Strategy – You are bringing in your business to a place which is cluttered with umpteen other businesses of similar type and for your brand to rise above the noise, you need a full proof digital marketing strategy which is not just about making a website live but much more than than be it online or offline. If online it’s about web presence management which includes website hosting, maintenance, SEM, SEO, SMM and more offline it’s about providing timely deliveries and service. Without an action plan that backs an online strategy, success would just be a far off dream.

Website Redesign SEO – A Bird’s Eye View

April 11th, 2018
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Usually SEO although a common word in the digital marketing world, does not bear too much of an importance amongst the small and medium sized enterprises. It’s many a times ignorance about the advantages of SEO or at times budget. While corporate giants and biggies in market place know how to market their business in the right way due to the advisory they have small and medium sized firms sometimes hinder their growth due to unawareness of budget issues and not given digital marketing as much importance as it needs. Many don’t even look at their digital marketing needs until the website is already live and damage is done.

So, here’s some insight into digital marketing strategies and what needs to be on you checklist so when you approach a digital marketing agency for your needs atleast you are aware about your requirements.

website redesign seo

Starts with Website setup
1. The development website is set to no follow and no index
2. Carry out validation of search engine friendly URL’s and ensure they are in place

Step 2 is about Content Planning
1. Obtain the complete URL list with the help of the dyno-mapper for crawling to the existing website for the said purpose.
2. To document list the top landing pages you need to review the SEMrush or Google search console

3. Create an SEO sitemap after mapping the targeted keywords

Next Step is about Creating Content
1. You will need atleast 1000 words of content to start with
2. Write the content and then proof read it thoroughly to avoid spelling and grammatical errors
3. Content styling is also important so focus on small paragraphs with suitable titles, bullets and sub-headers
4. Then comes the meta title and description part.
5. To check if the content you created and SEO is in place double check the top landing pages for quality validation

Review Technical SEO
1. Check responsiveness of the website across all mobile devices to check if everything is working properly
2. To ensure proper outline structure in search engines and visitors review of header usage is required.
3. Check live pages for code to text ratio
4. Check alt text usage for images
5. Carry out Template coding validation to W3 standards
6. Carry of optimization of images for load times
7. For any URL changes to existing content create 301 redirects
8. Validate structured data and schema
9. Create a new sitemap (XML)

Going Live
1. On live site first remove the no index or no follow links
2. Upload the new XML site to Bing webmaster tools and google search console
3. Validate the structure as will as the flow match new website with google analytics
Well, the above mentioned checklist might just prove a simple guide to website designing using digital marketing technique.

Are you Managing Your Web Presence Properly – Know More

February 28th, 2018
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A business small, medium or big in size, particularly in today’s times requires powerful online presence to cut above the clutter of other business and reach out to their customers. We all know how expensive traditional advertising can get if you want to promote your business to your target audience. Also, in the times when mobile and tablets are the first screens and people want every information the need on the go, having your own website URL makes sense definitely. Now, most of the business whether small, medium sized or large do have their own web-pages and it’s very common today but many of the businesses particularly small and medium sized outfits do not know how to make the presence felt in the marketplace or rather cut above the clutter of the other thousands of similar businesses. What you need at such a time is a reliable web presence management agency or firm, who can look after all your needs around your brands or company’s web presence.

Managing Your Web Presence Properly
Here are a few tips to help you around finding a suitable web presence management agency who can get your web page at the top of the page rankings and get you enough traffic of potential customers. Before you shortlist a few web presence management agencies and brief them about your needs, you need to be clear about them yourself. First of all, web presence is not just about web designing and maintenance. It is much more than that. Web presence manage includes the following services

1. Web design and maintenance – This is the common process of creating a website page for your brand or company and updating it regularly. Usually once the webpage is made and is live, you hire the same agency or any other on an annual basis for maintenance. It also includes hosting charges and more.

2. Search Engine Optimization – An important part of digital marketing search engine optimization is carried out in order to take your web-page to the first page, eventually to the top in the list of searched pages for a targeted keyword. It is an important part of web presence management, many are unaware off or giving is not importance at all.

3. Search Engine Marketing – Search engine marketing is used to take your page to the top of the top ranked web pages, obviously by paying for it. PPC or pay per click ads are an apt example of search engine marketing techniques.

4. Social Media Optimization – Social media optimization is all about creating a brand presence and boosting it on social marketing websites like facebook twitter linkedin and more. It also makes use of blogs and forums pertaining to your business and target audience. This enhance brand loyalty as well.

5. Social Media Marketing – Social media marketing is about getting traffic to your webpage using paid advertising tool like facebook ads and more. As compared to traditional forms of advertising online advertising through social media is cheap and gives good ROI as well.

Many of us who are in SME or Medium one, do have our own web page and blog sometimes but what we are not quite aware or clear about is how web presence management can take our business northward. So, while choosing a web design firm do consider that it is not about one time design of your website but more about continuous brand building and sales as well.

Well, keep this in mind and choose a web presence management company that can make your business grow using their digital marketing arsenal.

Looking Out For A Top Web Designing Agency in Bangalore?

December 21st, 2017
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When you are looking out for a web-designing agency there are few things that you need to keep in mind so that you get an agency that delivers what you want. It might take a bit of your time from you but will save you the hassles of repeated designing until you get satisfactory results. But, before you start with your search for a suitable web-designing company, it is essential that you do your own homework first. Now, if you are business and are looking out to create a website for it, then primarily you need to prepare a brief that includes information about your business type, its target audiences, your primary objective of creating the website, information about your strengths, weaknesses, and competitors as well. If your brief is crystal clear only then can you get the desired results. Once you have done your homework, its time for some ground work about the web-designing agencies in the city.

web designing company in bangalore

Google is God – However cliche it may sound, it does hold true that with google you can search for almost anything material. So, you may search for the web-designing companies online based on your budget needs. If you are looking for the best then simply don’t rely on google rankings.

Latest Works – Once you list down a few, simply visit their websites and look for their latest works. If they have lots to show and if matches your taste then shortlist them.

Experience – Experience counts as it is kind of a proof of their survival in the big world of designing. So, an experience of a good number of years does count a lot.

Expertise – Yes Expertise comes from experience but the area of expertise is what matters. We all know that web design agencies provide a variety of services under one roof. So, you need to look out for the service you want. If it is just web designing that you are looking at or a complete package of design plus marketing plus maintenance. As it is just web designing is never going to give you best results. You have to promote your website to your target audience and update it on regular basis. Either you do the update from the interface they provide in-house with your team or ask them manage it. So, check out their areas of expertise and if they match your needs before shortlisting one.

Personal visit – It is very important that you go and visit the offices of the web design company if they all are in nearby locations. This will help you figure out their infrastructure and the team. You get an opportunity to interact with the team will help you even get a hang of whether you will gel around and feel comfortable working with them or not.

These are just a few tips to help you find a suitable webdesign or web presence management company that works for you.

SEO Strategies To Ensure High SERP Rankings

October 25th, 2017
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Search Engine Optimization is one internet based strategy that can help you remain on the top in the SERP rankings thus increasing your changes of being clicked. But, for getting to the top you need to create a strong user experience. The website experience or page experience has to have the ability to engage the user and hold the user there for as long as needed.
Here are a few tips on improving your SEO strategies for best SERP ranks.

SEO Strategies To Ensure High SERP Rankings

Content is King
First and foremost, you need to create content that is attracting and engaging enough for the user as well as the search engines thus increasing readability and crawlability as well. To ensure that you need to know your target audience and their requirements in terms of content in and out. You may do your groundwork and research and list out topics that are most popular and in demand and write engaging content about those topics. Alternatively if yours is a brand, service or product, you need to write about it in a way that attracts the user to read further. They review your website on a regular basis to check for the most popular on site topics. Keep expanding your niche area and create content that is useful to your visitors. This will surely encourage visitors to visit and stay on your webpage.

Speedy Page loads
Ensure that your page loading time is minimum and your page loads fast enough to hold your visitors attention span. Slow page loads will result in losing potential visitors. To do this you may avoid use of heavy image files, and non required scripts. Do test your page loading speeds before you go live with it.

Eliminate Error Pages
Error pages are again a hindrance to audience engagement and retention. So, ensure that you eliminate all the error page on your website for an enhanced user experience.

Eliminate Duplicate Content
Duplication is again harmful not only when its about visitor engagement or retention but for website longetivity online as well. If there is continuous duplication from some other website, your quality of website will keep going down and eventually the crawlers might even investigate the original source and block your website as the content is being continuously copied.

Fix broken Links
Ensure that all the links on your website are intact. Test your website for broken links fix all of the links that are broken.

Navigation friendly site
Ensure that your website navigation is user friendly and user can simply glide along from page to page, link to link. This will enhance user experience and increase on page retention. To do this you need to take care of link page design, menu structure, link structure and if not properly done, do it in the correct way.

Smart Back linking
Get back-links from websites that offer content relevant to you page, service or product. This will certainly go a long way in increasing your visibility online. Even high domain authority does not ensure equal link juice value, so its wise to focus on getting relevant links from good websites related to you. This will also increase your websites credibility as compared to back linking with irrelevant websites. Having said that, know for sure that this isn’t an easy job but rest assured end results with blow your mind away and help you get to the top spots in SERP rankings besides flocked visitors.

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What is Digital Marketing ?

July 11th, 2016
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All you need to know about digital marketing. Also find brief information on what does digital marketing agency do and digital marketing strategy.

What is Digital Marketing ? Digital Marketing is all about marketing through digital channels of communication. Yes, it about internet marketing and also about marketing through vehicles like text messaging, mobile apps, digital television, electronic billboards and more. Unlike traditional marketing, you can analyze every marketing campaign you do, in real time. Besides, it is a very inexpensive medium as compared to traditional mediums like television and newspaper.  As a result, every brand or business, be it a start up or a biggie, wants to take optimum advantage of this medium. The flip side being, because it is cheaper than other media, this makes it available for every business. So, it adds to the noise above which you need to arise.

With the world going mobile, digital marketing has taken a front seat when it comes to marketing anywhere, anytime. There is a clutter of brands in the market and to rise above the noise, you need to reach your target audience with personalized stuff one on one, on various communication channels like pc, laptop, tab or to their pockets through mobile phones. This is when digital marketing comes into picture.

For creating an effective digital marketing strategy you need either an inhouse expert team of digital marketers or a reputed digital marketing agency that knows how to make your brand work for you online. A digital marketing strategy involves crafting an effective marketing mix that includes digital marketing techniques like email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing and SMS marketing for lead generation, sales, customer loyalty and retention.

what is digital marketing

Digital Marketing – The Edge

Cost Effective
As mentioned before, this is one marketing medium that is affordable to one and all. Be it Banners, content marketing or SEO, digital marketing is way to cost effective as compared to traditional forms of marketing. This is an advantage in a way but disadvantage too because being cost effective gives it more audience, which means more clutter to be cut to reach your target audience.

One-on One Reach
Digital Marketing is interactive and not one way. With digital marketing you can engage the audience and generate leads. Unlike one way marketing and advertising medium, this is one of the many vital benefits provided by Digital marketing. This remains true more so because with the world going mobile, reaching the pockets of your target audience is very important and digital marketing helps you do exactly that.

Quick Start
Unlike a traditional campaign that requires a lot of procedures to be followed before the campaign is finally up and running, Digital marketing can be up in minimum time. Simply touch-base a digital marketing agency and start your campaign swiftly.

It’s revolutionizing because, this is one form of marketing which is measurable. You can easily find out who, when and where has viewed your ad campaign and even the conversion anlaytics and tracking can be easily managed.

Revise and Re-run
Modifying the campaign to get desirable results is one of the most vital benefits of Digital marketing. Analyse your campaign once its up and working and make the necessary changes, update it and re-run it to increase it effectiveness.

It is estimated that over 25 billion gadgets would be interlinked in a online ecosystem globally by the year 2020. Well, considering the reach, internet of things is one place to be then, obviously so. Digital Marketing is there is be too and so as a small, medium or large business / Brand, you need to be on it. It’s the need of the hour.

Thinking About The New Google SERP Layout ?

March 10th, 2016
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Thinking About The New Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Layout ? BECAUSE EVEN WE ARE!

I am not sure if you have observed or not but if you are an online marketer you would sure have. So, the Google SERP layout is not the same anymore. The side bar which had ads has been removed and instead the ads allowed above the organic results are increased from three to four. Though the fact is that google had been testing this style for a long time but it was constrained to only a few subset of searches. Now, this has created quite a stir amongst the online marketers because one is not able to see the organic results without scrolling down in some cases as most of the page is covered by the paid ads.


The PPC advertisers are definitely going to get an edge because of two main reasons, first because, now that the side bar is removed, the new Google SERP layout looks a lot clutter free and second due to the increase in number of ads, numerous organic results don’t appear before the user scrolls. Also, another addition is that all the PPC ads are allowed to use location extensions, sitelink extensions and call out extensions which were earlier a privilege of top of the page ads. Due to this advantage it is more likely that google will raise the cost of PPC ads. This might not affect the big fish, but the small budget business might concentrate more on organic search optimization.


Now that there is more concentration on organic results because ppc might get expensive, user engagement is a term that becomes imperative if you are not into PPC at all. To improve your Search Engine Results Page aka SERP rankings you need to interact and engage with the customer regularly. Watching every content piece, its engagement and conversion rates and its ability to allure the customers all along the journey is necessary. Here is rundown some of the points to consider while curating your content so that it outclasses the competition. Curating high quality content on various topics that meets the demand of the customer in form of articles, blogs, videos, infographics, presentations and more is the key.

  • Focus on enhancing your social media presence by engaging your customers in online interactions.
  • Interact with users on social media sites.
  • Engage them in discussions, debates and respond to their queries and issues.
  • Use the share, promote strategy and increase your customer base.
  • With quality content, use of back links and traffic rates, etc, you can definitely increase customer engagement.
  • Also, seizing every opportunity when it comes to meta tags and using schema to the optimum is another good idea.

Now that google is giving PPC prominence over google results, it is very much possible that these ads are going to have a better and better visual appeal as well, hence your content also needs to match the same.

Finally, consistent monitoring and changing your strategy accordingly is needed to get your rankings northward with SERP.

Google “Phantom” Update Targeting Informational Content

May 18th, 2015
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The month of May is highly expecting for the people connected with the webmaster, SEO and the content writing industry as the Google has rolled out many updates in the recent past with consistent changes in the traffic levels. Since from the beginning of the May there was a lot of chatter in the webmaster forums about the recent Google update Phantom. According to the NBC report, this new update greatly impacted the “How-to” style publishers such as eHow, WikiHow and Answers.com


According to the sources, the Phantom update made the traffic drop around 22% in the span of a week. Glenn Gabe, a digital marketing veteran is the one who named this update as “PHANTOM” as it appeared without any notice. According to Gabe, the websites which have poor quality articles, abundant supplementary information, stacked videos and difficult navigation lost its visibility in the search engine, resulting in great traffic loss.

To take you back, there’s an huge update last year . At that point of time, Web masters said that these are quite a few updates and expecting more in 2015.

So, with the new update rolling in short span of time, it will be more challenging for the web masters to create content. It is necessary that you need to be pro-active in creating content and ensure that it satisfies the current Google algorithm.

However, webmasters creating HOW-TO kind of stuff should be little cautious about the new “phantom” algorithm update.

Decisive Link Building Strategies for Driving Quality Traffic to your website in 2014

September 24th, 2014
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Driving quality traffic to a website is the main objective of an SEO practitioner. The best and the evergreen method to drive traffic is through building quality links. When it comes to Quality link building, you need to keep Panda and penguin updates that made huge changes in On-site and off-site SEO. Before discussing more about building quality links, let’s look at these factors that guide you to build quality links on your website.

Understanding the quality criteria

It is important that you understand the quality criteria of Google. However, it is a tough task to predict the changes in the Google algorithm and it is little too fuzzy. A strict “NO” to take content from well renowned sites. You need to grasp the information, and build content according to the taste of targeted audience. It is also important that you include fresh data, user views, and opinions. Low Quality Guest posting is the other important factor that you need to pay more attention.


Following with affiliate program is acceptable to earn rankings. However, you should not replicate the same product description from the source. Make sure that you write quality and unique product reviews that helps you in gaining the best position in SERP rankings.

Diversified link-building





Before building links, you need to look at the ever-changing Google algorithm. However, you need to know the tactics that are still relevant in 2014. You can create, publish, and promote best quality content that links back to your site. You need to be more active on social media,and become a featured guest blogger on popular blogs.

Make sure that you don’t follow the tactics followed by your competitor. However, in order to build identity, you need to unique, experiment with your own trails. Aiming at your competitor’s keyword phrases will make your life difficult.

Natural Anchor texts

Make your anchor texts look pretty natural while you build links. Using keywords as anchor texts for all your inbound links will put you under Google’s observation and chances are high that you may get penalized. On the other hand, don’t forget that your reader is more smarter that you expect. Don’t worry about the anchor text, as long as your link is relevant to the article’s context, your job is done well.

Structured Snippets from Google is Officially Live In Search Results

September 23rd, 2014
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Google has started displaying the structured snippets within the search results. However, this particular snippet is under testing phase. Google confirmed about the snippets in its Research blog recently.

The search engine giant calls this feature as “structured snippets” and here you can see summarized data, which is very much relevant to the query. Snippets are displayed according to the “powered by the Knowledge Graph and other data sources”.

Here is a screen shot where you can see the structure snippet in real time. You can even search the result yourself by Googling nikon d7100 and look for the snippet. It specifies the factual elements of the search results.

nikon d7100

What Google explains about the new Structured snippets:

The research team is working on the tabular data in order to pass relevant data to users. Structured Snippets is the latest collaboration between the web search team and Google research team to provide relevant info to the users. Google is also using machine learning techniques in order to distinguish data tables, meant for formatting web pages.

News Source : http://searchengineland.com