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Website Content Writing – All you Need to Know

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018
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Whether you are a small or medium sized biz or some micro entrepreneur getting ready to fly in the big wide web world, the first impression you make to your customer besides your visiting card is your website presence. So when it comes to web presence management as a new entrepreneur we are not aware of the internet world advertising and marketing and hence we need to find a web presence management company prima facie so that the company can handle your web presence in the way it needs to be.
Now, most of the small and medium sized businesses come to web presence management agencies and want their work to be done yesterday and not tomorrow. Their main focus is going live in the market and get business. But, little do the businesses understand that the creating copy or content for the website is like laying your marketing foundation and one of the brand identity cornerstone. Many of us are not aware what brand identity or synchronisation of advertising and marketing collateral’s even means. Here’s a run through a few tips to help you understand how content creation for a website is one of the most important processes of a business and need a keen eye from the businesses end.

website content writing

The Right Brief – First know your business from root to fruit. Then create a brief based on your understanding and include all that you think will help your product sell in the market place. Note the USP of the product, the target audience and the objective, to name a few in crystal clear way. If you are crystal clear in your mind about your mind about your product, service or business, half the battle is won. The right brief can get you the content that drives your sales.

Suitable Agency – Now that your brief is ready, you need a executor or implementer of your ideas on the digital medium. This is when you hunt for a suitable web presence management company or agency that knows its job well and can get your brand heard above the clutter. You need to shortlist a few based on your requirement and then zero in on one that suits your requirement checklist best.

Adequate Time – Every business owner wants to set its cash registers ringing in and hence there’s always a hurry in going live. But, you need to understand that it’s a business and it’s a footprint or mark that you are going to make in your prospects mind about your service, product or brand and you need to be bang on. First impressions are last impressions, holds true however cliche it may sound.

Full Proof Digital Marketing Strategy – You are bringing in your business to a place which is cluttered with umpteen other businesses of similar type and for your brand to rise above the noise, you need a full proof digital marketing strategy which is not just about making a website live but much more than than be it online or offline. If online it’s about web presence management which includes website hosting, maintenance, SEM, SEO, SMM and more offline it’s about providing timely deliveries and service. Without an action plan that backs an online strategy, success would just be a far off dream.

Are you Managing Your Web Presence Properly – Know More

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018
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A business small, medium or big in size, particularly in today’s times requires powerful online presence to cut above the clutter of other business and reach out to their customers. We all know how expensive traditional advertising can get if you want to promote your business to your target audience. Also, in the times when mobile and tablets are the first screens and people want every information the need on the go, having your own website URL makes sense definitely. Now, most of the business whether small, medium sized or large do have their own web-pages and it’s very common today but many of the businesses particularly small and medium sized outfits do not know how to make the presence felt in the marketplace or rather cut above the clutter of the other thousands of similar businesses. What you need at such a time is a reliable web presence management agency or firm, who can look after all your needs around your brands or company’s web presence.

Managing Your Web Presence Properly
Here are a few tips to help you around finding a suitable web presence management agency who can get your web page at the top of the page rankings and get you enough traffic of potential customers. Before you shortlist a few web presence management agencies and brief them about your needs, you need to be clear about them yourself. First of all, web presence is not just about web designing and maintenance. It is much more than that. Web presence manage includes the following services

1. Web design and maintenance – This is the common process of creating a website page for your brand or company and updating it regularly. Usually once the webpage is made and is live, you hire the same agency or any other on an annual basis for maintenance. It also includes hosting charges and more.

2. Search Engine Optimization – An important part of digital marketing search engine optimization is carried out in order to take your web-page to the first page, eventually to the top in the list of searched pages for a targeted keyword. It is an important part of web presence management, many are unaware off or giving is not importance at all.

3. Search Engine Marketing – Search engine marketing is used to take your page to the top of the top ranked web pages, obviously by paying for it. PPC or pay per click ads are an apt example of search engine marketing techniques.

4. Social Media Optimization – Social media optimization is all about creating a brand presence and boosting it on social marketing websites like facebook twitter linkedin and more. It also makes use of blogs and forums pertaining to your business and target audience. This enhance brand loyalty as well.

5. Social Media Marketing – Social media marketing is about getting traffic to your webpage using paid advertising tool like facebook ads and more. As compared to traditional forms of advertising online advertising through social media is cheap and gives good ROI as well.

Many of us who are in SME or Medium one, do have our own web page and blog sometimes but what we are not quite aware or clear about is how web presence management can take our business northward. So, while choosing a web design firm do consider that it is not about one time design of your website but more about continuous brand building and sales as well.

Well, keep this in mind and choose a web presence management company that can make your business grow using their digital marketing arsenal.

Looking Out For A Top Web Designing Agency in Bangalore?

Thursday, December 21st, 2017
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When you are looking out for a web-designing agency there are few things that you need to keep in mind so that you get an agency that delivers what you want. It might take a bit of your time from you but will save you the hassles of repeated designing until you get satisfactory results. But, before you start with your search for a suitable web-designing company, it is essential that you do your own homework first. Now, if you are business and are looking out to create a website for it, then primarily you need to prepare a brief that includes information about your business type, its target audiences, your primary objective of creating the website, information about your strengths, weaknesses, and competitors as well. If your brief is crystal clear only then can you get the desired results. Once you have done your homework, its time for some ground work about the web-designing agencies in the city.

web designing company in bangalore

Google is God – However cliche it may sound, it does hold true that with google you can search for almost anything material. So, you may search for the web-designing companies online based on your budget needs. If you are looking for the best then simply don’t rely on google rankings.

Latest Works – Once you list down a few, simply visit their websites and look for their latest works. If they have lots to show and if matches your taste then shortlist them.

Experience – Experience counts as it is kind of a proof of their survival in the big world of designing. So, an experience of a good number of years does count a lot.

Expertise – Yes Expertise comes from experience but the area of expertise is what matters. We all know that web design agencies provide a variety of services under one roof. So, you need to look out for the service you want. If it is just web designing that you are looking at or a complete package of design plus marketing plus maintenance. As it is just web designing is never going to give you best results. You have to promote your website to your target audience and update it on regular basis. Either you do the update from the interface they provide in-house with your team or ask them manage it. So, check out their areas of expertise and if they match your needs before shortlisting one.

Personal visit – It is very important that you go and visit the offices of the web design company if they all are in nearby locations. This will help you figure out their infrastructure and the team. You get an opportunity to interact with the team will help you even get a hang of whether you will gel around and feel comfortable working with them or not.

These are just a few tips to help you find a suitable webdesign or web presence management company that works for you.

The best practices for your website to go live

Saturday, March 15th, 2014
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Launching website is an exciting process to undergo because first impressions last long. Going live has its own pros and cons. Before publishing the vendor should keep in mind to double check the following checklist.

Internet Speed

In today’s era of high speed internet, time is money. So in order to maximize the response to the website, the internet surfers expect the website to load at a moment’s notice. This is especially the case with images because the surfer will go to some other website if the image does not open instantly. Speed of loading majorly depends on the host and the server on which the site is hosted on.

website launch

More importance for Browser compatibility

Testing the links for browser compatibility is a major area of concern. Browser compatibility with Firefox, Chrome and Internet explorer 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 should be a point of major escalations. The website should have a universal look and feel.

Better Avoiding Over Optimization

The content should be optimized but too much of anything is bad for health. So Google’s new algorithm update-penguin will penalize websites for over-optimizing content. The link should appear as natural as possible; the anchor text should be mixed properly. So don’t use the keyword over and over again in the on-screen text.

Black lettering on a white background is the easiest format for the user. If not, such a color scheme should be chosen such that the color is natural and classic.

Link Testing

The links as well as the back-links should be tested and re-tested for error 404 and not working. The net surfer will be peeved if the pages are not loading or loading partially.

Proofreading your content At least Twice

Proof-reading the contents twice is as important as putting a hard-hitting copy. The content should be revised for spelling and grammar.


Google Analytics is an industry conformed tool for tracking your software for online visitors. This helps in online marketing as it traces page hits, page views and comments.

On page and off page Optimization

Titles and meta-data are important from the SEO perspective. The functionality of the website should be checked to ensure that the website is consistent with what we want to convey. Validation should ideally be 100%.


Favicon brands the pages from within the bookmarks and browser toolbar. To keep the brand consistent, just have a 64px*64px version of your logo, save as an jpeg, rename the file to favicon.ico and upload in the root folder. The code used is

<link rel=”icon” type=”image/x-icon” href=”/favicon.ico” />

Basic SEO

RSS feed should be available when the website has a blog or newsreel. Sitemap (sitemap.xml file) is the single most important docs in the root directory of the website such that the major search engines can index the website.

W3C compliance

W3C compliance is used as a quality constraint and a measure of the site’s online dominance. W3C Compliance for Google is even not perfect, but it’s better to get a W3C validator to check common errors like adding closing tags to code.

Last but not the least a Back up Strategy is the call of the day.

Website launching is an ongoing streamlined process….

Web design Trends 2014: Modern Design Trends to Adopt

Monday, January 13th, 2014
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web design trends 2014

Internet and web related concepts keep changing every now and then. It constantly growing and constantly evolving. It means the development and design part will keep changing alongside the internet.

Flat Design:

For the year 2014, it is found the web designs are cleaner and also simpler as well. Usually, Flat UI design includes tiles, blocks of colors, and inspired typography. It offers simple user experience and the websites designed with Flat UI are elegant and also aesthetically pleasing.

Mobile responsive:       

People using smart phones are Tablet PCs are increasing day by day. So, it is necessary that you optimize your website according to the browser and operating system. Now, almost 20 to 30 percent of the traffic comes from smart phones and mobiles. You can see mobile users are increasing day by day. Make sure that you build website for the mobile devices, which undoubtedly offers great user experience. It is important to focus more on the responsive design and

Parallax Scrolling

In the year 2013, we saw infinite scrolling as the design trend. For now, designers are following the story-oriented scrolling method. It is also known as parallax scrolling. It is a great way to present content in a dynamic manner.

Video Backgrounds

Using video backgrounds on your website is becoming more popular in few months. They look awesome and people need to improve more on these. However, including a video on the background will be a major trend in the year 2014.

Other things to Consider

It is also important that you use Icons in order to direct your traffic. Instead of text link, it is recommended to use small envelope icon for e-mailing. You can use large photographs, since you feel flat UI is empty webpage is empty with Flat UI.

Adobe Creative Suite CS6

Friday, February 8th, 2013
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CS6-Wonesty Web Design Company

Adobe Creative Suite is specially designed for the web design service professionals to create pages/templates/images for print, insert in web templates, videos, and everything in between and it is re-engineered to make the work quickly and powerful than before. It is a collection of Adobe Bridge, Contribute, Adobe Device Central, Dream Viewer, Encore, Extend Script Tool Kit,  Extension Manager, Fire Works, Flash Builder, Flash professional, Illustrator, Indesign, Media Encoder, On location, Photoshop, Pixel Bender Toolkit, Sound Booth. (more…)

Increase brand awareness with website redesigning

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
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Everyone wants to expand their business and bring in more and more consumer. According to latest researcbanner_website_design2h, it is seen that consumers are using the web to make purchasing decisions in everything from buying their electronics items to consulting doctors, etc. As time passes, websites become static and out-dated and fails to bring more viewers to his or her website. It’s time to take account of it and rebuild the old website with new and improved web tools that can add value to the business. Internet marketing is considered to have a broader scope and mostly used by businessman today. It has many unique benefits; it widens the audience, as it can target the global audience that also at a lower cost.

To increase the flow of the business, online presence is must and for that one need a good website. A good website is an on line face of the company. A well designed site helps in longer retention of clients on your site that means a higher opportunity of conversion of traffic to leads. Therefore, a good website has also become an essential marketing tool of the company. If your website looks up to date, crisp and clean, you leave a positive impression on your visitors about your company.

A web site should always be designed with the targeted audience in mind, what the audience wants. The content and marketing strategies should be planned after a thorough research. The knowledge of different products, services, information that the audience is searching for is very important while designing and maintaining an effective web site. A web site must look attractive, user-friendly navigation menu, fast downloads, and a contact form with phone number and endorsements from customers helps and attracts more audience and make them visit your web site again. Creating a useable site with current technology is very important. While redesigning your website, your main goal should be to make it easier for your customers to find information and buy products.

It is not important how good your last website looks; you will have to replace it in time. Businesses do have a “big room for improvement”. So it is reasonable to redesign the site in such a way as it appears to be a brand new site to the search engines, as well your targeted audiences. Choosing the best expert for the Professional website designing and development services is essential. It is suggested to look for an experienced professional, who has proven results with a business that is stable to show. Keep in mind targeted audience and your essential parameters.

For a professional web designing company, design is not just aesthetics but it is something which besides looking nice, is user friendly and search engine friendly. If you are looking to improve your business, target more audience with a modernized look of your website, so that your online identity goes a long way in influencing and converting your potential clients, right from the moment when they land on your website.