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Search Engine Optimization

Wonesty has long been recognized as a world leader in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. The wonesty approach to maximizing organic search engine traffic is founded in a dedication to both on-site and off-site SEO principals. On-site factors such as meta tags, content optimization, URL structure, and internal linking formulas create a foundation for aggressive off-site link building strategies. At Wonesty, our team of professional SEO’s will walk you through the basics of on-site optimization and ensure that your website is taking advantage of every possible on-site SEO benefit.

Once your website is fully optimized, off-site link building is where the real magic happens. Wonesty has developed an unparalleled expertise in building effective off-site linking campaigns for many of the internet’s most well known brands. Effective link building is a delicate balance between art and science, and the Wonesty SEO team has the experience and expertise to give your website a decided advantage over the competition.

Of course in the present climate the leading engine is Google but it was not always that way, getting a high profile across all facilities is still the sensible approach but top listings in Google will provide the larger percentage of visitors. Search engine optimization has always been abused as a process, for many years there has been an industry battle between ethical SEO and unethical SEO. Unethical practice was usually implemented consciously in a bid to manipulate rankings; there were always penalties for getting caught using unethical optimization.

Unethical SEO

As of November 2005 the line between what was deemed as unethical optimization and what was simply inadvertent ‘bad practice’ was changed, it the space of just a few weeks these changes were to place a huge number of corporate websites into the category of unethical SEO. The change is due to the absolute, black and white rule that your website must now be compliant with the regulations and guidelines laid down by the major search engines, at the same time search engines such as Google launched new technology to screen out websites that are flouting the regulations and this has resulted in corporate websites such as BMW to be expelled from Google.

Ethical SEO

Wonesty work exclusively in ethical SEO, we work to ensure non compliant corporate websites are quickly put in order, our search engine knowledge spans more than three years of experience. In today’s market there is only room for good practice, our expertise allows us to analyse complex corporate structures and develop strategic plans to ensure maximum visibility and compliance.

Our teams use sophisticated tools to research, analyse and test websites for accessibility and compliance, our close links to search engines allow us to get advanced information on changes in regulations and updates in industry news.

Specialist SEO

Project managers are appointed for every client and there will be a specialist SEO team working with each strategy, initial analysis will focus on the current status of the target site, and immediate issues such as compliancy. In-depth research will determine the existing penetration of the website in search engines in relation to its brand visibility, the products, services and the website message.

Once the current position is determined we will carry out the appropriate research for keywords and phrases.

The specialist teams at wonesty are able to work with any dynamic coding platform including php, asp, cfm and .net our solutions will ensure that the brand, the products and the investor relations are all maximized through the Internet. Each one of our search engine optimization teams works in an insulated environment ensuring maximum client integrity whilst delivering zero conflict of interests on an inter client basis.

We also carry out brand protection checks as a normal part of our service and a report on any adverse news will be supplied with a series of directives and action recommendations to counter any adverse publicity.

Comprehensive Web Analytics will provide vital information on traffic and progress, we are experts in understanding and interpreting the data from our analytical software and drawing the appropriate and necessary conclusions therefore providing real return on investment.


Wonesty are now recognized as a global industry leader and therefore by utilizing our experts you have the sound knowledge of cutting edge expertise being implemented within your website therefore maximizing your Internet visibility and minimizing any adverse effects from non compliant coding.

SEO Plans

Website Optimization / Link Building Starter Serious Strategy
Site Optimization Tik blue red
SEO Services Tik blue red
Content Optimization Enhancements Tik blue red
Meta Tag Adjustments Tik blue red
Spider Friendly Navigation Setup Tik blue red
Search Engine Submissions Tik blue red
Social Bookmarking Tik blue red
Traffic Tracking Software Tik blue red
Inbound Link Building Tik blue red
Creation of Additional Content   blue red
Source Code Optimization   blue red
Site Map Creation / Submission   blue red
Robot.txt Validation   blue red
Article Submissions   blue red
Link Bait Ideas / Setup     red
Link Exchange Setup     red
XML Sitemap Setup     red
Blog Setup, Customization & Optimization
(a $499 value)
Website Reporting & Analytics Starter Serious Strategy
Website Analytics Setup Tik blue red
Custom Analytic Reporting   blue red
Continual Website Optimization   blue red
Keyword Conversion Report     red
SEO Plan Deliverables Starter Serious Strategy
Keyword Phrases Optimized 25 45 75+
Website Pages Optimized 20 35 75+
Articles Written / Submissions None 2/mo 4/mo
Blog Posts Written None 3/mo 8/mo
Major Directory Submissions 25+ 100+ 200+
Link Building Program Backlinks 15+ 75+ 250+
SEO Pricing Information Starter Serious Strategy
Contract Period (Minimum) None 3/mo 6/mo
First Month Setup Fee 9999/INR 19999/INR 24999/INR
Remaining Monthly Fee 9999/INR Contact Contact

Pay Per Click

Our Management Philosophy

Quality Score Optimization and Search Query Control

The Wonesty Search team has revolutionized Professional Paid Search Management through the methodologies of Quality Score Optimization (QSO) and Search Query Control (SQC).

Why Our Search Philosophy Works

PPC advertising has dramatically evolved from the days where you could bid yourself to the top of the results page on any keyword. Today, sophisticated strategies are necessary for even limited success in the hyper-competitive; quality score based landscape of PPC. However, to truly optimize and maximize your PPC efforts, you need an intricate understanding of the paid search algorithms and how to maximize exposure for the minimum Cost-Per- Click (CPC). Through three years of experience and testing, Wonesty team of SEM professionals have developed the industry’s most cutting edge approach to PPC management. By optimizing Quality Score Indexes through a balance of programmatic CPA based bid management and the expert us of Search Query Control (SQC) principals, Wonesty advertisers gain a distinct edge over all other competition.

Pay Per Click

Do you want more from your online marketing campaign? If so contact the professionally qualified Wonesty Paid Search team now here. As specialists we can drive more traffic to your site, maximize brand awareness and increase online sales. We work with the full range of online advertising platforms including Google Adwords, YPN and Msn Adwords Center.

Pay Per Click

PPC Packages Silver Gold Platinum
Monthly Cost Contact Contact Contact
Hourly Rate Contact Contact Contact
Total Man Hours Contact Contact Contact
Initializing the Project
Initial Consulation Yes Yes Yes
Account Setup Yes Yes Yes
Conversion Code Setpu Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Conversion Report      
Campaign Optimizaton
Keyword Research/Bid Mgt 1000 5000 Unlimited
Negative Keywords Yes Yes Yes
A/B Ad Copy Testing Yes Yes Yes
Day Parting Yes Yes Yes
Geo Parting Yes Yes Yes
Local Search Campaign Yes Yes Yes
Conversion Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Other Activities
Landing Page Consulting Yes Yes Yes
A/B Landing Page Tests Yes Yes Yes
Click Fraud Support Yes Yes Yes
Google Analytics
Setup Yes Yes Yes
Profile Setup Yes Yes Yes
Funnel Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Weekly Reports Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Reports Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Reports Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support
Email Support Yes Yes Yes
Chat Support Yes Yes Yes
Telephone Support Yes Yes Yes

Email Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing Process at Wonesty

Email Marketing has been well received by businesses across most of the verticals and of all sizes. The 2 main reasons why this has become so popular is – first, it has better penetration and second, it is cost and time saving. You can be a small, medium sized or large organization and still you can benefit from email marketing and its advantages. And when it comes to Wonesty, you can further gain from the low cost and custom made email marketing program with real time tracking system that we offer.

So, what is the Email Marketing Process that Wonesty follow?

Wonesty is as professional as you are, therefore we believe in putting your target customers at the centre of the whole campaign. And with every move we make, we ensure that they revolve around your target group converting each attempt into lead generation. For this we follow the below mentioned process:

1. Define Your Purpose: Every email campaign is done to achieve a goal. We believe that to begin any program or strategizing it, first the purpose of emailing has to be ascertained.

2. Define Your Target Audience: This is also a very critical step as this gives us an insight on how to make your emails personalized. Personalized emails have their set of advantages – they give a personal touch to each email and also do not get blocked as spam mails. Whether it is through email, designed HTML campaign, newsletter, promotion, competition, event reminder, or quick update, we give high importance to personalized mails.

3. Acquire a Focused Opt-In List: The next step would be to have a focused opt-in list which would include the list of valid email addresses where the emails are to be sent. Without this list, no email marketing program can be run. You can either give us your own list of email addresses or you can benefit from our database of email ids for your promotion.

4. Template Development: Next the template for your emails would be designed. This would include easily navigable layout and designs, purpose oriented content that would compel readers to perform an action you desire. Whether you intend to generate leads, increase brand awareness, improve your web traffic or announce any launch, the action point would be well laid out in the email template.

5. Tracking Results: Having sent the emails, now it is time to measure performance. To track the results, an account will be set up for you that will have your unique username and password. With the help of these details, yu can login any time and access your campaign records and reports. We can also provide you with detailed reports on subscribers, un-subscribers, bounces, invalid email addresses and click-through.

6. Tracking Reader Behavior: In an email campaign, it is also very important to know the consumer behavior apart from the reports on total number of open rate and click-through. Through our real time reporting, you can see the click through behavior of each email recipient. You can see who clicked on a particular link or which link was clicked on by a group of people.

The best part about Wonesty Email Marketing program is that you can send a targeted follow up email to the readers who have shown interest through their clicking behavior. With our real time tracking system, we give you instant results so that you can set forth further strategies.

Advantages of Email Marketing With Us

Email marketing has taken the world of online promotions by storm. Not only does it have a good impact on the recipient of the emails, but it is also a very inexpensive way of promoting any goods or services. With the help of permission based email marketing and email campaign, you can reach out to millions of people simultaneously and inform them about your product and services or nudge them into making a purchase. With the help of professional assistance, now you can make your email marketing campaign more effective and help you in:

  • Acquiring New Customers
  • Maintaining Old Customers
  • Increasing Brand Awareness
  • Launching of New Products and Services
  • Generating Qualified Leads
  • Enhancing New Sales
  • Encouraging Repeat Sales

At Wonesty, we give you thoroughly customized solutions for your email marketing program. With our professional guidance, you can now

  • Increase the brand awareness of your company among highly focused target marke
  • Position your products / services in the much coveted place called consumers’ ‘top of mind’
  • Give a boost to the web traffic your web site enjoys
  • Increase the click through rates
  • Get more Return on less Investment
  • Employ rich graphics and active links to convey your message in a better way
  • Save costs and time consumption in direct mailing in the traditional way
  • Time your mailing and get it delivered at a time you feel best
  • Get immediate response on your products and services
  • Get real time tracking instantly and measure results easily

Email Campaign Pricing

Bespoke eFlyer templates design
Professionally designed
Consistent with your corporate identity
Works in all major email clients
Fully customisable
Re-useable templates
From 9999/INR
Account Setup and support
Wonesty will set up your account and give you training and support, this inculdes assistance to install your email database and advice on how best to stucture your campaigns.
One time fee 3000/INR
eFlyer Delivery for each campaign
Pay at time of delivery
No hidden fees
Test campaigns are Free
Extensive reports every time
For more details contact

Reporting & Statistics

Website Traffic Statistics and Web Analytics

Website Traffic Analytics system that provides the foundation for effective online business and marketing decisions through accurate measurement of website statistics and visitor traffic. By providing real-time measurement and monitoring of your websites key performance indicators you will be able to systematically maximize your online performance.

Website Statistics Services

We create and implement innovative internet marketing solutions.

Our Managed Marketing means that by outsourcing your requirements to us, we take responsibility for your search results and dedicate our considerable management and technical resource to improve your marketing.

We offer you a proven, long-term solution without encroaching on your management time. Unlike the many project based 'quick fix' offers you've probably already rejected, proactive monitoring of all search engines by your dedicated Campaign. Manager ensures consistency and action when events demand, for instance a drop in search engine rankings.

All this for a fixed monthly cost with no hidden extras

We will work with you to develop an online advertising strategy that will promote your brand, products and services to your target audience. Here we understand that clients sometimes need assistance in understanding the methods of online advertising and marketing available to them and which routes are likely to best achieve their objectives. The strategy will encompass requirements, implementation, reporting and success measures.

From campaign strategy, to media buying, creative, and Return on Investment (ROI) reporting, we will deliver fully integrated online advertising and marketing campaigns that achieve your objectives.

The following list defines our services:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Business Process Outsourcing

Our consultants are highly experienced in this business and will be delighted to discuss your requirements without any obligation or cost to you. We have great confidence in our service hence there is no obligation to enter into any contract. We will work with you to ensure your campaign succeeds, and the ROI delights you.