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Maintenance Offers


Under the Economy Package, we offer to make up to three minor changes per month which takes up six man hours. This plan is ideal for low traffic websites that don’t change often. We charge 40 – 60 dollars or INR 2000 – 3000 rupees for this package.

Payment Option Monthly
Month-to-Month $60/ INR 3000
3-month $55/ INR 2750
6-month $50/ INR 2500
12-month $40/ INR 2000


Under the Standard Package, you can make changes worth up to 20 man hours per month.  This plan is ideal for the midsized websites which require a few occasional changes. We charge 180 – 80 dollars or INR 8600 – 3900 rupees for this package.

Payment Option Monthly
Month-to-Month $180/INR 8800
3-month $139/INR 6800
6-month $99/ INR 4800 
12-month $80/ INR 3900 


Under the Premium Package, you can make very frequent changes which involve 50 – 100 man hours per month.  This plan is ideal for the midsized to busy websites which require frequent attention.  We can staff one or more webmasters to provide standard administrative duties related to your website. Under this plan, we can work with strict and critical deadlines with the changes frequency ranging from daily to monthly. We charge 199 – 499 dollars or INR 10,000 – 25,000 rupees for this package per month.

Payment Option Monthly
Month-to-Month $499/INR 25,000
3-month $399/INR 19,600
6-month $299/INR 14,700
12-month $199/INR 10,000



Web Maintenance plans

Finding a WONEST webmaster can be quite a challenge. There are many variables to consider and choosing a skilled designer can be a SKILL in itself.

No matter how complex, we have a talented group of designers and developers that can perform virtually any type of web maintenance remotely. Our professionals are trained in understanding the value of fast turnaround, confidentiality and quality results each and every time. We can normally begin maintenance in as little as 24 hours!

Services Covered

Our plans cover all the below mentioned services under our packages:


Extra Services

We don’t offer these services under these plans unless formally negotiated but we do offer these rates to our present customers for a discount. These services will be charged for separately.