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Google Penguin 4 Update Aims at Fighting the Spammers

Monday, May 27th, 2013
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Google-penguin 4-wonesty

Google-penguin 4-wonesty

Google’s “Penguin Updates” basically focus at fighting the spammers and increase the quality of the Google search and web content. Now, Google has launched Penguin 4 with a twist, keeping Penguin 2.0 technology in its operational method, which is an innovative step in putting a stop to spam.  This Penguin update is designed as a major update that is meant to go deeper than original Penguin update and is going to impact the SEOs and webmaster in a big way than the original update. The update launch is now completed including the ones for non- English languages. The languages with an increased rate of web spam are going to get affected and the impact of the new penguin updates is going to vary, according to the languages.


Youtube Back to Back Video in a Single URL

Monday, April 9th, 2012
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Creating a youtube video playlist

Creating a youtube video playlist

How to create youtube back to back video in a single URL?

Youtube ranks first as a video sharing website. Everyone knows about that it was a Google product; many of the companies are starting their business promotion through this channel.

Youtube Continuous Video

Many of the users who are watching video, they love to watch continuous video of the particular part they selected. So here we are going to give idea about How to create a continuous video link in youtube

1. Login to our youtube account

2. In top right side u can view your youtube account bar – click that one

3. Under that click “Video Manager”

4. In that select “Playlist”

5. Create New Play list

6. Add your video in order wise – By “Add Video by URL” (Note : before creating this playlist , u need to upload the video in your channel)

7. After completion of the title, description and video URL update. Save the playlist

8. You can set your playlist as public or private

9. Yes, u Done it


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