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Website Redesign SEO – A Bird’s Eye View

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018
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Usually SEO although a common word in the digital marketing world, does not bear too much of an importance amongst the small and medium sized enterprises. It’s many a times ignorance about the advantages of SEO or at times budget. While corporate giants and biggies in market place know how to market their business in the right way due to the advisory they have small and medium sized firms sometimes hinder their growth due to unawareness of budget issues and not given digital marketing as much importance as it needs. Many don’t even look at their digital marketing needs until the website is already live and damage is done.

So, here’s some insight into digital marketing strategies and what needs to be on you checklist so when you approach a digital marketing agency for your needs atleast you are aware about your requirements.

website redesign seo

Starts with Website setup
1. The development website is set to no follow and no index
2. Carry out validation of search engine friendly URL’s and ensure they are in place

Step 2 is about Content Planning
1. Obtain the complete URL list with the help of the dyno-mapper for crawling to the existing website for the said purpose.
2. To document list the top landing pages you need to review the SEMrush or Google search console

3. Create an SEO sitemap after mapping the targeted keywords

Next Step is about Creating Content
1. You will need atleast 1000 words of content to start with
2. Write the content and then proof read it thoroughly to avoid spelling and grammatical errors
3. Content styling is also important so focus on small paragraphs with suitable titles, bullets and sub-headers
4. Then comes the meta title and description part.
5. To check if the content you created and SEO is in place double check the top landing pages for quality validation

Review Technical SEO
1. Check responsiveness of the website across all mobile devices to check if everything is working properly
2. To ensure proper outline structure in search engines and visitors review of header usage is required.
3. Check live pages for code to text ratio
4. Check alt text usage for images
5. Carry out Template coding validation to W3 standards
6. Carry of optimization of images for load times
7. For any URL changes to existing content create 301 redirects
8. Validate structured data and schema
9. Create a new sitemap (XML)

Going Live
1. On live site first remove the no index or no follow links
2. Upload the new XML site to Bing webmaster tools and google search console
3. Validate the structure as will as the flow match new website with google analytics
Well, the above mentioned checklist might just prove a simple guide to website designing using digital marketing technique.

Google Penguin 4 Update Aims at Fighting the Spammers

Monday, May 27th, 2013
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Google-penguin 4-wonesty

Google-penguin 4-wonesty

Google’s “Penguin Updates” basically focus at fighting the spammers and increase the quality of the Google search and web content. Now, Google has launched Penguin 4 with a twist, keeping Penguin 2.0 technology in its operational method, which is an innovative step in putting a stop to spam.  This Penguin update is designed as a major update that is meant to go deeper than original Penguin update and is going to impact the SEOs and webmaster in a big way than the original update. The update launch is now completed including the ones for non- English languages. The languages with an increased rate of web spam are going to get affected and the impact of the new penguin updates is going to vary, according to the languages.


Tips How trendy Technology Has revolutionized small Business ?

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013
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The impact of recent technology on tiny business cannot be denied at any value. Technology helps each tiny business in its operations on an everyday basis. From laptops to printers, Web-based applications, online file storage trendy technology has revolutionized tiny business in varied industries. Technology will have an effect on tiny business in each positive and negative ways in which reckoning on the goals of the business, the product chosen to be used and therefore the manner entrepreneurs also as workers adapt to a brand new system.

Let us verify a number of ways in which tiny business makes use of contemporary technology in their operations:


Youtube Back to Back Video in a Single URL

Monday, April 9th, 2012
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Creating a youtube video playlist

Creating a youtube video playlist

How to create youtube back to back video in a single URL?

Youtube ranks first as a video sharing website. Everyone knows about that it was a Google product; many of the companies are starting their business promotion through this channel.

Youtube Continuous Video

Many of the users who are watching video, they love to watch continuous video of the particular part they selected. So here we are going to give idea about How to create a continuous video link in youtube

1. Login to our youtube account

2. In top right side u can view your youtube account bar – click that one

3. Under that click “Video Manager”

4. In that select “Playlist”

5. Create New Play list

6. Add your video in order wise – By “Add Video by URL” (Note : before creating this playlist , u need to upload the video in your channel)

7. After completion of the title, description and video URL update. Save the playlist

8. You can set your playlist as public or private

9. Yes, u Done it


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