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Best Possible Ways to Generate decent Traffic Without Google Rankings

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014
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By targeting the long tail phrases in your website with low search count, it is hard to drive traffic. In the recent times, website owners and B2B marketers suffered big time with the Google updates. Most of the start ups and small companies never drive traffic to their websites without targeting the right kind of long tail keywords with good enough search count. You don’t need to worry if you are not able to create enough back links, and not able to rank on Google’s first page. Check out some of the best possible ways that you can attain traffic through other similar kind of sources without Google.

website traffic without google

Blog Commenting

You can find thousand of popular blogs that allow you to post your comment. Make sure that you comment on a blog with the same niche. The proper way to comment is to read the content, and add your valuable comment that adds more value to the article.

Forum posting

There are hundreds of Forums discussing about your niche. You need to join and register in forums that can get you instant traffic. Posting comments, starting a thread, participating in the discussion can drive thousands of visits in no time.

Social Media

Facebook is the strongest medium to drive more traffic to your website. The best thing that you can do is to create a Fanpage associated to your website and link back on your website. You can share your website content with all your friends with the help of a share button.

Content Aggregators

If you have a website or blog with a lot of trust and authority, then google reward you with good traffic. If your website is new, then you need to promote your content on popular content aggregators, where you can get more traffic.

Some of the popular content aggregators to name:


Growth Hackers

Hacker News



Google+ can drive you good enough traffic to your website with minimum number of followers. You need find communities of same niche and start engaging with people in that particular community.

Guest Blogging 

If you are more into guest blogging for the sake of back-links, then you need to stop. Guest blogging is just to pass information to the users and leverage traffic. It is completely meant to get authority in the niche.