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Structured Snippets from Google is Officially Live In Search Results

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Google has started displaying the structured snippets within the search results. However, this particular snippet is under testing phase. Google confirmed about the snippets in its Research blog recently.

The search engine giant calls this feature as “structured snippets” and here you can see summarized data, which is very much relevant to the query. Snippets are displayed according to the “powered by the Knowledge Graph and other data sources”.

Here is a screen shot where you can see the structure snippet in real time. You can even search the result yourself by Googling nikon d7100 and look for the snippet. It specifies the factual elements of the search results.

nikon d7100

What Google explains about the new Structured snippets:

The research team is working on the tabular data in order to pass relevant data to users. Structured Snippets is the latest collaboration between the web search team and Google research team to provide relevant info to the users. Google is also using machine learning techniques in order to distinguish data tables, meant for formatting web pages.

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