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Google “Phantom” Update Targeting Informational Content

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The month of May is highly expecting for the people connected with the webmaster, SEO and the content writing industry as the Google has rolled out many updates in the recent past with consistent changes in the traffic levels. Since from the beginning of the May there was a lot of chatter in the webmaster forums about the recent Google update Phantom. According to the NBC report, this new update greatly impacted the “How-to” style publishers such as eHow, WikiHow and Answers.com


According to the sources, the Phantom update made the traffic drop around 22% in the span of a week. Glenn Gabe, a digital marketing veteran is the one who named this update as “PHANTOM” as it appeared without any notice. According to Gabe, the websites which have poor quality articles, abundant supplementary information, stacked videos and difficult navigation lost its visibility in the search engine, resulting in great traffic loss.

To take you back, there’s an huge update last year . At that point of time, Web masters said that these are quite a few updates and expecting more in 2015.

So, with the new update rolling in short span of time, it will be more challenging for the web masters to create content. It is necessary that you need to be pro-active in creating content and ensure that it satisfies the current Google algorithm.

However, webmasters creating HOW-TO kind of stuff should be little cautious about the new “phantom” algorithm update.


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