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Google Penguin 4 Update Aims at Fighting the Spammers

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Google-penguin 4-wonesty

Google-penguin 4-wonesty

Google’s “Penguin Updates” basically focus at fighting the spammers and increase the quality of the Google search and web content. Now, Google has launched Penguin 4 with a twist, keeping Penguin 2.0 technology in its operational method, which is an innovative step in putting a stop to spam.  This Penguin update is designed as a major update that is meant to go deeper than original Penguin update and is going to impact the SEOs and webmaster in a big way than the original update. The update launch is now completed including the ones for non- English languages. The languages with an increased rate of web spam are going to get affected and the impact of the new penguin updates is going to vary, according to the languages.

The new penguin webspam algorithm started rolling out on May 22, 2013 and is now complete in action.  It is reported that 2.3 % of English-US queries are affected to an extent that even a normal user might notice its impact. First Penguin algorithm update was on April 24, 2012 and second was on May 26, 2012 while the third one was launched on October 5, 2012. The impact of the fourth and latest update is almost close to that of the first update which has been impacting 3.1 % queries. The second and third updates were just minor data refreshers of the first and basic Penguin algorithm but the fourth release is perceived to be a major change.

Considering its powerful impact, Google has even referred it as Penguin 2.0 internally. The latest update aims at fighting spam backlinks and is also focusing at sophisticating how Google punishes sites that try to boost SEO with link schemes without good quality web content. The latest update follows the trend of its predecessors; of their robustness which is based on Portent data. While the first update impacted web sites with 80% spam links, Google started launching new updates with refined algorithm. It is reported that Google was able to identify and punish web sites even with 50 percent spam links by the time Penguin 1.2 update was launched. According to the new penguin updates, experts claim that quality content marketing is the new SEO and that must be the main Online Marketing Strategy.  Google use to release updates consistently while most of them being minor updates but this time the latest version is going to be the ‘“one of the most talked about algorithms of the year.”

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