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Google Penguin Update

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012
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Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin has arrived in the web world, with bad news for spammers and their bankers. Penguin is a new Google algorithm, with an ultimate mission to eliminate bad content from the web. It precisely means judgment day has come for those websites that practice unethical SEO tactics by putting irrelevant content, links, pop-ups to get their site ranked high in Google search. (more…)

Youtube Back to Back Video in a Single URL

Monday, April 9th, 2012
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Creating a youtube video playlist

Creating a youtube video playlist

How to create youtube back to back video in a single URL?

Youtube ranks first as a video sharing website. Everyone knows about that it was a Google product; many of the companies are starting their business promotion through this channel.

Youtube Continuous Video

Many of the users who are watching video, they love to watch continuous video of the particular part they selected. So here we are going to give idea about How to create a continuous video link in youtube

1. Login to our youtube account

2. In top right side u can view your youtube account bar – click that one

3. Under that click “Video Manager”

4. In that select “Playlist”

5. Create New Play list

6. Add your video in order wise – By “Add Video by URL” (Note : before creating this playlist , u need to upload the video in your channel)

7. After completion of the title, description and video URL update. Save the playlist

8. You can set your playlist as public or private

9. Yes, u Done it


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How to Design a Logo to Brand in Online Promotion.

Friday, July 30th, 2010
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Branding is an inevitable part of marketing generates the trust factor among customers. Logo is one segment in branding which adhere with human mind for the services and product. If we see the market around us there are logos that can be identified by millions in a glance, which is the one every brand management mesmerizing for. Logo branding is an art of making our customer understand and access our product/ services in ease.

logo brand

logo brand

There are lots of things to be governed while designing the logo and will get the answer for it through basics information-gathering principle of “6 Ws ”- “who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “why” and “How”.
Presentation: There must be a clear vision when and where it can be used whether it is in website, covering letter, video, hoarding and so on.
• Simple: We must stick with simplicity. If the logo is overcrowded with detailed design it generates problem while scaling it to different sizes. And the stickiness factor of it deteriorates.
Advertising: Since it is a part of branding, design with the intension of small Ad of your company.
Language: Come up with short, sweet and catchy line to communicate their message.
Entity: Some of the entities we need to work properly are Typography, Style, and Colors.
Selection of Colors: Analyze the logo colours suitable for various business templates so that it won’t conflict with future plans of organization. Preferable to adopt industry standard logos. Some are : – white stands for pure and simple in fashion, black used for powerful, sophisticated and youth marketing, Red for getting enthusiasm, attention and so on.
Time: Style must withstand radical changes in trend and useful for years.
Flexibility: Keep fixed pattern for the design, keep provision for change in texture around the logo.
Recognition: Your stickiness factor for brand will come up once we promote/ use it regularly with our product. Our Brand must stick with people’s mind; they should come recognize it immediately after seeing it.
Formats: After finalizing the logo make it into 3 formats:- EPS for printing, JPG and GIF for your website.
There are millions of logos in the market, but a few converts to brand. Organization which involves must have a deeper knowledge and capable to create impact on logos. So whenever you use the logo don’t change the depth of it but keep it highly prolific. Hence controlled and confident branding strategies help to penetrate the message to your target audience.

Internet Marketing Gets Better with E-mail Marketing

Friday, May 21st, 2010
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The rise of E-mail marketing as a major tool of marketing techniques in the World Wide Web is chiefly because of its speed in reaching out to millions at the most cost effective method. The internet can do wonders. And business houses dealing over the web have given online marketing a new and powerful marketing agent in the form of E-mail marketing.

email marketing

email marketing

Often you might have received mails for subscribing to a magazine, or membership of a club, or other such prospective and attractive offers, including business proposals, sometimes with an option if you would like to receive further mails from the site. This, in short is E-mail marketing. Simply put, it goes much beyond this, and the need for it has become so huge today, that companies are turning towards professional E-mail marketing agencies.

Any electronic mail sent out to an audience, comprising of existing, and potential customers with the intent of strengthening the relationship and goodwill, offering service or business proposal, and the similar likes is considered as E-mail marketing in the world of Internet marketing. Often such e-mails carry advertisements of other companies, earning revenue from there. Compared to other popular forms of Direct Marketing like newsletters, flyers, brochures, direct mail, telemarketing, this form of marketing is absolutely revolutionary. Return of Investment can easily be tracked in this form of advertising and marketing. This is one obvious advantage in Online marketing.

Advertisers can push their services to a large number of customers. Whereas, in website based advertising, one has to depend on the number of people visiting the site. The probability of checking one’s mailbox is much higher than visiting a particular site, and so is the frequency. Hardly internet users would not check their mails. All these factors give E-mail marketing the advantage to reach more people, in less time, with more chances of response. Internet marketing has acknowledges the power and effectiveness of this new marketing ace.